Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cisco Unified Presence Server on my IBM server

Time to install my Presence Server to test interaction with Microsoft...

No Cisco MCS this time, so I obtained from Cisco the list of compatible servers :

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Unified Presence Server 6.0(2) has the same requisites of the CUCM 6.0.

However I tried to use a different processor (more powerful), having the install script to state the the hardware is incompatible.

No workaround till now, however, I found the hardware check log, useful to see what went wrong :

Once the install srcript fails, DO NOT press the "Cancel install" button.
Press ALT+CTRL+F2 to switch console.
At the prompt :
"cd /var/state/xkb/"
"cat hw_validation_err"
Here's what I found :

The hardware you are using is not supported for this software

Hardware-check results:

HW type [Vendor/Product]OK
Number of CPUs (1)OK
Clock Speed (3600 MHz)NOT SUPPORTED
Memory size (2048 Mb)OK