Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cisco and Nokia Dual Mode Part IV : SIP

Now time's to try the embedded SIP client on the Nokia devices.

As for reference I started with the Cisco manual (quite clear) :

then I continued sniffing with wireshark the SIP registration (which failed), and at last I found the last useful clues on the Cisco NetPro Forum (thanks Ron!)

I decided to try with the Third Party Basic SIP device, however procedure for the Advanced  SIP device is almost the same.

So at last here's  the working configuration :

First configure the CUCM :

Get to System->Security Profile->Phone Security Profile and copy the Third-party SIP Device Basic - Standard SIP Non-Secure Profile and rename it (I used Third-party SIP Device Basic - LAB SIP Non-Secure Profile) and check the Enable Digest Authentication option. Leave unchanged the other settings.

Add the device as a Third-party SIP Device (Basic), set the phone's mac address (here's how to get it) and be sure to set this settings :
Device Security Profile to the security profile yuo've created previously
Digest User to your End User


Define the DN for your device.

In the End User configuration set the digest credentials (an alphanumeric password) and make the device association with the SIP phone.

Then it's time to configure the Nokia phone :

First get to Tools->Settings->SIP settings and create a new SIP profile :
Profile name :SIP
Service profile : IETF
Default access-point :<your access point>
Public username : sip:<dn>@><cucm ip>
Use compression : No
Registration : Always on
Use security : No

Proxy server
Proxy server address : sip:<cucm ip>
Realm : ccmsipline
Username : <End user userid>
Password : <Digest credentials>
Allow Loose routing : Yes
Transport type : UDP
Port : 5060

Registrar server
Registrar serv. addr. : sip:<cucm ip>
Realm : ccmsipline
Username : <End user userid>
Password : <Digest credentials>
Transport type : UDP
Port : 5060

Then get to Tools->Settings->Internet tel. settings and create a new SIP profile :
Name : Cisco SIP
SIP profile : SIP

Et voilĂ , if WLAN configuration is correct, you should see the phone register immediately.


mudasir said...

great work..
I have a question.
ccmsipline means the directory no? If yes, its not working for me :(
By the way, the end user is not the local database of CCM, It is an Active Directory user. Do i need to do some other configs for that?
Please respond.


Al said...

ccmsipline is just the realm set on the mobile. It is not set anywhere on the CUCM, it's the default setting I set and it worked fine :-).

I used AD users too, and it works,as CUCM duplicate users from AD, so there is no real difference on this.

Hope it helps,

mudasir said...

Thanks for your kind response.
I am Stuck.. Pls help me out.

Here is the configs of CUCM.
extension = 6704
User ID : voip
1) Random Mac Address: 999999999999
2) Device Security Profile (Third Party SIP Non Secure)
3)SIP Profile ( Standard SIP Profile)
4)Digest User ( voip )
5) Then common line configs.
6) a. End User > find > voip > Digest Credentials ( 12345 )
b. Controlled Devices ( SEP999999999999 )

Setting on Nokia E51

Profile Name : SIP Profile
Service profile : IETF
Default Access Point : xyz
Public user name : 6704@ CUCM IP
Use Compression : No
Registration : Always On
Use Security : No

Proxy Server

Proxy server address: CUCM IP
realm : None (?) is that correct?
Username : voip
Password : 12345
Allow Loose Routing : Yes
Transport Type : UDP
Port : 5060

Registrar Server Address : CUCM IP
Realm : None
username : voip
Pass : 12345
Transport Type : UDP
Port : 5060

Then get to Tools->Settings->Internet tel. settings and SIP profile :
Name : SIP Profile
SIP profile : SIP Profile

Please tell me where i am missing..
Your response will be highly appreciated.

Al said...

have u tried to set to ccmsipline the realm in the proxy server and registrar server settings ?

dan rogy said...

I am looking for voip sip sdk solution

I have found this one

Did anybody used it?